Hello hello! Welcome to my blog o((*^▽^*))o 
My name is Sherina and I'm a Sydney-based lifestyle blogger. I have been obsessed with the Japanese-culture for as long as I can remember which all started with anime & sushi! Through my blog you will encounter the explosion of my odd behaviors and kawaii-ness. I share my love for makeup, fashion, travel, food, fitness, Youtube and pretty much my daily life here!

Like most people out there I do have a pretty average life, which includes going to uni, socializing and working. However I like to spice life up with adventure and challenges through blogging, youtubing and travelling. Travelling is one of my main inspirations as I learn about new cultures and experience new things which I can bring forward here.

I am so grateful for all you lovely readers and appreciate all the time you spend reading my blog post & watching my videos!! You guys are the reason to keep me motivated and continue my blogging & youtubing adventures!, which is why I have so much love for you guys! ٩(♡ε♡ )۶
I hope you find something here which you can relate to and continue to support me! You can follow my blog, youtube channel by clicking the icons below! You can also connect with me on a personal level through my instagram.

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